About Us


MAIVY is an Indian owned women’s fashion label, defined by essence of femininity, confidence, sophistication and independent style. A celebration of life in fashion form, our collection brims with romantic, playful flowy dresses to smart power outfits that you can love from this season to the next.

Whether dressed up, dressed down or somewhere in-between, we create items that encourage joy. From essentials with a pleasant twist to ‘wow’ pieces for the special occasions you’ll never forget.  The collections include pieces for vacations, special occasions, casual outings, active days and workplace.

Our collection

Our Western collection offers a modern take on silhouettes, creating distinctive and timeless pieces. We want to help you find a little sparkle in those everyday moments, starting with the clothes you put on in the morning.

Maivy Swimwear has appealing colours along with unique prints to make you stand out. There are plenty of luxury brands, but few offer stylish and high-quality styles at an accessible price point.

Similarly, we have added cute and affordable Loungewear that can be worn regularly and be effortlessly styled with your other clothing pieces.

Sustainable collection includes stylish pieces in more sustainable fabrics like Linen, Jute, organic cotton and Hemp. In-house sampling and production ensure that there is no waste of cloth and any faults are corrected and the piece is recycled.


Maivy focuses on limited styles across all categories and pieces rather than collections, to provide special items and give attention to detail. Each item is carefully designed to reduce impact on the environment.

We strive towards reducing waste and being mindful of this beautiful planet we live in.


We believe in supporting other local businesses hence, fabric sourcing and buying of trims is done from like-minded local vendors. We do Garment sampling and production In-house by providing fair and comfortable working environment for Maivy staff. Every time you shop from us; you are supporting a local business and every Indian who is part of Maivy.

Our processes are actively assessing the best choices in this fast-changing space, and are devoted to being transparent about our journey. We are continually implementing policies and processes to ensure that MAIVY is a responsible fashion business.

We constantly work to create looks in which you feel elevated and fashionable. We will continue offering styles that inspire you to stay classy and fabulous!

Love, Team Maivy