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Ways to style your Bikini top

Who said bikinis can only be used for a swim sess? We like having items in our wardrobe that can be styled in multiple ways and our swimsuits are not an exception. Bikini tops are made to flatter different body types and act as a perfect crop top that can be paired with a myriad of pieces, from skirts to sarees, to create a kick ass outfit. We’ve jotted down some tricks you can keep up your sleeves when [...]

How to style a T-shirt

T-shirts are a must have for your closet. Whether you like being playful with fashion trends or stick to a capsule wardrobe, you can never go wrong by investing in good quality t-shirts. They’re the foundation to any wardrobe. Tees can be styled in so many different ways for different occasions. Dress it up or dress it down, it’s the one piece of clothing to take you anywhere and everywhere. Motif tees, graphic tees or plain tee, we thank [...]

Stay active while travelling

Life is meant for spectacular adventures. Let your feet wander, your eyes marvel, and your soul ignite. – Slvcwriter Who doesn’t love vacations? It’s the best time to unwind and relax. To turn off from your everyday life and truly enjoy. But it also becomes a time when we slack off on our health. Getting some physical activity can also help relieve stress and make you happier. So, staying active on a vacation is really a win-win for your body [...]

Your healthy comfort food recipe

Healthy hot chocolate? What? You heard that right. Hot chocolate is universal comfort food. Did u know the Mayan people created hot chocolate over 2000 years ago and the beverage was an essential part of the Aztec culture? Now over 100 countries enjoy this delicious drink regularly. People tend to limit Indulging in hot chocolates for it is not considered healthy. So we tried this fantastic hot chocolate recipe. It’s packed with antioxidants, calcium and protein.  Now you can treat yourself [...]

8 Limbs of Yoga

The 8 limbs of Yoga from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is contemporary yoga’s favourite sources of inspiration and direction on how to live a balanced and moral life, both on and off the mat. Each limb includes practices, code of conduct or guidance to improve oneself and how to act with others. As yoga students from 2 years, the yogi code above is a simple reminder to us of the duty we have towards oneself physically and mentally. We hear so [...]

The one meal-prep recipe you need!

HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE AND COCONUT GRANOLA Do you find yourself looking for healthy foods in the market but not wanting to spend a whole of money on it? We know we do.  Eating healthy can especially be challenging for all the busy bees out there. Granola is basically rolled oats baked with nuts and dried fruits. Store bought granola can sometimes be quite expensive and loaded with sugar. This granola recipe is a saviour! You can make a batch of this and you’re [...]