About Us

Maivy is all about bringing effortless style and elegance to your closet. The collections include pieces for work, casual outings, active days and vacations.

In a world of fast fashion, Maivy fashion is here to stay. We focus on sophisticated and romantic aesthetics in all our designs. Our western wear collection offers a modern take on silhouettes, creating distinctive and chic pieces. The use of exotic and boho prints on contemporary designs creates delicate yet fiercely unique looks.

Maivy swimwear has appealing  colours along with unique prints to make you stand out. There are plenty of luxury brands, but few offer stylish and high-quality styles at an accessible price point.

Similarly, we have added cute and affordable sportswear that can be worn regularly and be effortlessly styled with your other activewear pieces.

The idea is to provide contemporary as well as classic styles to modern women who can be everything from worker bees to homemakers or from travellers to yogis.

Maivy focuses on limited styles and pieces rather than collections, to provide special items and give attention to detail. We aim to create looks in which you feel elevated and fashionable.

We will continue offering styles that inspire you to stay classy and fabulous!

Priyanka & Prerna